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Potential for a short Spring [Act Now]

Strong, plentiful and healthy pasture in Spring is key for maximising your profit from this type of enterprise.

Both new and established pastures benefit from the more favourable growing...

Top 6 tips for growing Spring pasture

Strong, plentiful and healthy is what we should be aiming for in Spring pastures. This is key to conserving feed for Summer, as well as maximising your profits.

How more clover was grown in Flinders Island pastures

Grower feedback

Recently, David Bellinger, a Flinders Island based pastoralist provided some feedback to his fertiliser supplier, Agrifert.

Increase rice yields by adding Soil & Seed [Case Study]

by Robert Gill (Area Manager south-west NSW), with thanks to Peter Kaylock.

Increase Grazing Pasture Production for Sheep and Beef [Annual Plan]

BioAg Pastures for Sheep and Beef

BioAg has developed an annual plan specifically for sheep and beef growers.

Managing Nitrogen in Winter Pastures

By Dan Hill, BioAg Agronomist, Vic.

The challenge of maintaining Winter pasture production

Volatilisation occurs when ammonium in urea converts to a gas. This can lead to significant N losses when...

Winter Cropping - Adding to bottom line growth

Keep growing during Winter

While being very different crops to grow, both wheat and canola pose similar challenges to maximising yield and quality.

Maximising the return on Dual Purpose Wheat

  • 8.3 t/ha yield achieved after stock grazed on the crop in August
  • +17% yield increase above the control

Successful farmers make the most out of every resource available to them. For some farmers,...

Growing Winter Feed

Building a winter feed wedge provides feed for winter consumption, and avoids soil damage from over-grazing, and potentially reducing supplemental feeding.

Horticulture - Tomato trial update (2016-17)

  • + 5.4 t/Ha yield increase

Kagome Australia commenced tomato production near Echuca (Vic) in 1996, and has since grown to become Australia’s largest tomato producer.

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